Upcoming & Current Exhibitions

Declared Spaces, Implied Bodies, Northrup King Building Suite #284

May 2

Declared Spaces, Implied Bodies is a pop-up gallery showing the work of artists Eli deVries, Calvin Hafermann, Jamie Kubat, Chel Mattson, Zach North, Kayla Trevino, and Peyton Woller. The works in this exhibition present defined spaces of open-ended engagement with the body. Whether suggesting use, contemplation, physical bodies or our ideas about them, they ask the viewer to situate themselves in relation to the objects presented.

Damn Near, Minneapolis College of Art and Design

April 22 - May 14

Damn Near is an exhibition curated by Eli deVries and displays artist books by makers of differing disciplines side by side. With the detailed subject matter varying between each maker, the viewer will be able to discern and relate to how artist books are approached differently. These books include a wide variety of materials, such as wood, photography, archive, drawing, and poetry.